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How To Make The iPhone X Retry Face ID Authentication In Case Of Failure

Although Face ID is a first generation feature, it’s very reliable when it comes to unlocking the iPhone X, validating Apple Pay purchases, downloading app from the App Store and much more. However, because of miscellaneous reasons, like poor angle, attention awareness misuse and others, failed Face ID unlocking attempts might occur. Instead of using…

home-button less iphone 8

6 New Commands For Usual Functions In The Home Button-less iPhone 8

As the 2017 Apple flagships are fast approaching the release date, there are quite a few things that have to be clarified. Starting with the denomination, which can be anything from the iPhone 8, X or Edition and continuing with a whole range of commands and gestures that will be reorganized because of the edge-to-edge…

iphone 8 home indicator

iPhone 8 Digital Home Indicator To Replace Physical Home Button

The iPhone 8 will be the first Apple smartphone that won’t feature a physical Home button. A transition that started with the iPhone 7, that replaced the classic button with a solid-state one, equipped with a taptic engine that simulates traditional pressing with the help of haptic feedback. The 10th anniversary iOS device features and…