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Siri not working on HomePod

HomePod Siri Not Working, Not Responding, No Answer (Fix?!)

Is HomePod Siri not working after OS 15.2 update? Are you asking Siri various things but Apple’s virtual assistant isn’t responding? The lights on the HomePod turn On and start circling but Siri doesn’t speak out anything?…

HomePod 15.2 update

HomePod 15.2 Features, Improvements And Bug Fixes

Apple has released HomePod 15.2 for the original HomePod smart speaker, as well as the HomePod mini. The update comes with a few new features, performance improvements and bug fixes….

HomePod 15.1.1

HomePod 15.1.1 Update Fixes Podcasts Bug And More

Apple has released HomePod 15.1.1 update with bug fixes. It’s a minor update that comes about one week after the rollout of HomePod 15.1. This release addresses the Podcasts not playing issue on both the original HomePod as well as the HomePod mini….

HomePod Lossless and Spatial Audio

How To Turn On HomePod Lossless And Spatial Audio Music

You can finally turn ON Lossless and Spatial Audio on HomePod and HomePod mini! All this thanks to the latest HomePod 15.1 software update. The new Music playback features aren’t enabled by default, especially Apple Lossless!…

HomePod 15.1 update

HomePod 15.1 Software Update: Lossless And Spatial Audio

Apple has pushed the HomePod 15.1 software update with support for Lossless playback and Spatial audio with Dolby Atmos. This release is available for the original HomePod and the HomePod mini. It comes alongside iOS 15.1 and iPadOS 15.1!…