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instagram story waiting for connection error

Instagram Story Waiting For Connection Error? (Fix!)

Instagram story not posting from iPhone? Not uploading? It’s stuck at Waiting for connection? The error is displayed when you try to check the upload status? Red exclamation marks are shown in the story section, on top of your accounts thumbnail? You’re not the only one affected!…

stickers on iphone ios 17 feature

How To Remove Stickers From Keyboard On iPhone In iOS 17

You’re not a fan of stickers and are annoyed about the persisting notification that shows up on iPhone? It takes up a significant amount of space in the Frequently Used Emoji section? Yes, you can remove stickers from keyboard in iOS 17!…

widgets on mac desktop

How To Add Widgets To Mac Desktop (macOS Sonoma Feature)

Starting with macOS Sonoma you can add widgets to Mac desktop and have more info at a glance. You can even display iPhone widgets on the MacBook home screen! This makes switching from smartphone to computer and vice-versa even more seamless….

Apple TV cursor outline

How To Show Apple TV Outline Cursor In Apps & Menu (TIL!)

Yes, you can configure the Apple TV outline cursor to display every time you browse the tvOS menu and the stock or third-party apps! This will highlight the current selection and make browsing much more easier and productive! Here is how to do it!…

personal voice not working ios 17

Personal Voice Not Working, Not Generating? Stuck At 0%?

Personal Voice not working on iPhone after iOS 17 update? You’re unable to configure this new Accessibility feature? Getting a blank screen? Voice not generating and is stuck in the ‘Setting up your session’ state? You’re not the only one!…