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Shazam Apple Music Classical support

Shazam Apple Music Classical Support Now Available [How To]

Shazam has been updated with support for Apple Music Classical. This means that whenever you search and find a classical song, you have the option to play it in the new app….

macOS 13.3.1a security update

macOS 13.3.1a Security Response Update Not Available? (Fix!)

Apple has recently released macOS 13.3.1a the first ever Security Response update for Mac. It’s a new type of software release that brings security improvements, without performing an actual software update!…

voicemail error try again later

Voicemail Error Try Again Later Popup On iPhone? (Fix?)

Getting Voicemail Error on iPhone although the service worked flawlessly on your previous device? You’re asked to Try again later but the same popup keeps showing up when Saving Password? You’re not the only one!…

youtube black screen on iphone

YouTube Black Screen On iPhone Or iPad In iOS 16? (Fixed!)

Are you experiencing YouTube black screen on iPhone or iPad? You tap on a video and only the audio starts playing without any images? You’re not the only one! Tweak this setting to fix it!…

downgrade ios 16.3 to ios 16.2

Downgrade iOS 16.3 To iOS 16.2 Or iOS 15.6 Without Data Loss

Are you looking to downgrade iOS 16.3 to 16.2 on iPhone or iPad? You’ve recently updated to the latest iOS release but are not happy with this new version? Yes, you can still revert to 16.2 and even to iOS 15! Downgrade iOS 16.3 to iOS 16.2 Still Possible? Yes, at the time of writing,…