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"In-app purchases are not allowed" error message on iPhone

How To Lift The”In-app purchases are not allowed” iOS Restriction

Are you planning to upgrade one of your third-party apps and the App Store isn’t allowing you to? No matter if you want buy extra game credits to boost your progress, or you simply aim to unlock the pro version of an useful app, you’re restricted from purchasing. In case you’re prompted with the following…

"In-app purchases are not allowed" prompt.

How To Disable In-App Purchases On Your iPhone And iPad

Are your iTunes bills getting bigger and bigger? You can’t refrain yourself from performing in-app purchases for your favorite iOS apps? Or you have kids that love to score high in your addictive iPhone games, with the help of pricey add-ons? Here is how to get rid of the addiction and restrict in-app purchases. iOS…