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audiobooks not playing ios 17 issue

Audiobooks Not Playing On iPhone In iOS 17 Books App? (Fix?)

Audiobooks not playing on iPhone in iOS 17? Books app not able to play mp3, m4a, m4b files after updating to the new OS? Is this happening with both purchased books as well as the ones imported by you in Books on Mac?…

How to adjust font size in Books app for iOS

How To Change Font Size And Fix Layout In Books For iOS

If you’re new to iOS you might stumble upon a simple but annoying issue. This article was inspired by one of our readers that had problems in getting a proper content layout in Books. This is a stock iOS app that allows you to read e-books on your iPhone and iPad. It’s also an online…

iOS 12 Apple Books welcome message.

iOS 12 Apple Books Is A Revamped Version Of iBooks

Apple has introduced a series of new apps in iOS 12 like Measure, for measuring objects and surfaces and Shortcuts for collecting automation tasks that significantly improve the iPhone usability. It has also revamped a classic: iBooks which is now called Apple Books and along the new name the application also features a new look….

ios 8.4 logo

iOS 8.4 Update Is Now Up For Grabs

The last major iOS 8 tune up has been released by Apple a couple of hours ago. You can now download and install the public version of iOS 8.4. As we previously announced, while beta testing this new version, the most important upgrade is the revamped Apple Music app, which comes with a full service…

earth day 2015

5 iOS Apps To Celebrate Earth Day 2015

Starting with 1970, April 22 has been known as the official Earth Day. It’s the day when we humans celebrate Terra, raise awareness about our planet and perform all kind of activities to help us preserve Earth. The tribute has reached, this year, its 45th anniversary and boasts itself with worldwide recognition. We, here at…