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ios 11 new icloud terms and conditions

iOS 11 Bug: New iCloud Terms And Conditions Display In Japanese Language (Workaround Available!)

The 11th iOS generation brings a lot of new features and handy changes. However, such a large scale upgrade still includes a series of bugs and glitches even after three months of intensive beta testing. Another iOS 11 minor bug surfaced today as Apple updated its New iCloud Terms and Conditions. If you attempt to…

itunes store is unable to process purchases prompt

How To Solve The iTunes Store Is Unable To Process Purchases Error

Did it ever happen to you to browse the App Store or iTunes and not be able to purchase an app, a song or anything else that’s available for sale in these online Apple shops? This can happen when the App Store is overloaded, or when there’s a small downtime, but you might also be…

creating a free apple id while configurating new iphone

How To Create An Apple ID On iPhone or iPad

If you just purchased a new iPhone and this is the first time when you own an Apple gadget, you’ll soon find out that you have to configure the gadget, before you’ll be able to actually use it. Among the basic configuration steps, you’ll encounter a screen that asks you to input your Apple ID….

Show iCloud Drive on Home Screen

Display iCloud Drive App On iOS 9 Home Screen

Today I’ll be reviewing for you another Apple app that will become stock software within iOS 9. I’m talking about iCloud Drive. It’s a piece of software that basically does what its name sayes, it provides rapid access to the files stored on your iCloud account. You practically get a folder view of all files…