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The British WhatsApp official coronavirus information channel

How To Use The WhatsApp Coronavirus Information Service

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads out exponentially, more and more governments are using popular online communication methods to communicate with their citizens and provide official information. The British government has recently opened a direct WhatsApp communication channel. If you’re from the U.K., and not only, you can access info about the new coronavirus directly from…

Facebook tool for Cambridge Analytica scandal

How To Check If Your Facebook Profile Was Shared With Cambridge Analytica

Facebook is in the middle of a monster scandal involving precious user info leakage to third parties that used the data for political reasons, which go as far as influencing the U.S. presidential elections from the autumn of 2016. According to official numbers up to 87 million people (70 million of them being United States…

Apple Watch start call button

How To Make Apple Watch Phone Calls

Engaging in phone conversations via your watch OS device is a great option, when you’re busy sorting something around your house, or at your office and don’t want to stop what your doing, in order to grab your iPhone. We’ve already provided tips about how to answer/decline calls on Apple Watch. It’s time to check…