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Macbook Battery Health

How To Check MacBook Battery Health And Charge Cycles

Are you trying to find the MacBook Battery Health info screen but it’s not showing up in the Battery window, in System Preferences? That’s because this macOS Big Sur Maximum Capacity feature is only available for M1 Macs. You can check the current battery strength of an Intel-based Macbook, compared to its design capacity, but…

M1 Mac Universal 2 Compatible apps

How To Check If An App Is Optimized For M1 Mac Apple Silicone Chip

Apple’s new M1 Silicone Chip, that’s powering the 2020 Mac flagships, requires third-party apps to be updated by their developers to the Universal 2 standard, in order to be able to run natively and reach peak performance in macOS Big Sur. Some apps have been already updated with support for M1 Mac while others are…

iPhone X with Qualcomm or Intel modem

How To Know If An iPhone X Is Packing An Intel Or Qualcomm Modem

It’s widely known that Apple uses two LTE modem chip providers for its iPhone models. Neither Intel nor Qualcomm can cover alone the entire supply needed by the Cupertino-based tech giant. Because of this Apple uses chips from both manufacturers and assigns them to the iPhone X depending on the carrier technology and the market…