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iphone x split status bar displays done button

iPhone X Displays A Done Button In Its Interactive Split Status Bar When Home Screen Is In App Editing Mode

With the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus flagships already available in stores and unboxed by most analysts hype begins to slowly shift towards the iPhone X pronounced ‘iPhone Ten’ release. Surly, the most interesting feature that we’re eager to test out, excepting Face ID, is the split status bar that has the demanding role…

ios 9 facebook messenger quick reply feature

Facebook Messenger For iOS Adds Quick Reply Feature

Version 37.0 for iOS, of Facebook’s Instant Messaging app has been released today. The default update log didn’t announce anything major. As you might already know, Facebook uses a general info text to present the contents of its upgrades. Anyway, we played with Facebook Messenger today and noticed that it now supports interactive banner notifications….

iphone ios 9 search settings

iOS 9 Search Settings For Easier Browsing

Another significant trademark of the 9th iOS generation is the new ability of being able to search the Settings app. Because of this you can reach an option much faster, without needing to tap and scroll to the specific sub-menu. The new look-up feature called Search Settings, is interactive, as all other look-for tools available…

call option on iphone lock screen reminder notification

Use Siri To Create Interactive Reminders With Contact Call Option

Did you know that you can configure alerts to remind you that a call towards one of your contacts is due? That’s not too impressive isn’t it? But what if I raise the stakes and add that the alert is interactive and you can immediately dial the call from the iPhone’s lock screen? That’s a…

Inbox iOS app by Google

Inbox by Gmail Now Available For All iOS Users

Google has made its revolutionary Inbox app, available for all iOS users. The switch comes after the preliminary launch, that promoted only an invitation based access for using and testing out Gmail‘s new application. This new piece of software is intended to help you better organize your mail conversations, highlighting the important stuff and notifying…