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clock transparent iOS 16

Lock Screen Clock Transparent iOS 16 Issue? Time Invisible?

Lock Screen clock transparent on iPhone after iOS 16 update? Time and date become almost invisible no matter what font or color you pick? Problem persists in iOS 16.1.2 with Depth Effect turned off?…

Keyboard not showing up on iPhone in iOS 14

How To Fix Keyboard Not Showing Up On iPhone / iPad (iOS 14)

Is the built-in keyboard not showing up on iPhone or iPad, when you tap on a text entry field in Mail, Notes, Spotlight Search, App Library Search or anything similar? The keyboard is active but invisible! You can type blindly, but it’s annoying! This is a common iOS 14 bug that’s frustrating a lot of…

iPhone Message hidden with invisible ink.

How To Send Invisible Messages From iPhone and iPad

Starting with iOS 10, Apple device owners are able to send Invisible Ink texts via the stock Messages app. If you want to tease your Contacts you can hide the content of your message under a blurring bubble. The text will only be revealed to the receiver, if he rubs the message bubble with a…