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iPhone prompts for Passcode when user wears a mask

How To Skip Face ID Authentication When Wearing A Mask

Life can get complicated during the COVID-19 pandemic! More and more countries impose mandatory mask-wearing while going out in public. This is a good strategy to loosen up the lock-downs and restart the economies all around the world. Excepting the obvious discomfort of obstructing your face, there is one more annoying inconvenience caused by this…

iPhone new COVID-19 Exposure Notifications feature

How To Use The COVID-19 Exposure Notifications Feature In iOS 13.5

Apple has just released iOS 13.5, a major health update for iPhone and iPad. This third test version includes the announced COVID-19 Exposure Notifications function that will help smartphone users to get notified whenever they are in the proximity of a person that tested positive for the novel Coronavirus. The feature comes under the form…

iOS 13.4.1 Software Update screen

iOS 13.4.1 Released To Fix FaceTime Bug

Apple has just released iOS 13.4.1, a minor software update that comes two weeks after the more important roll out of iOS 13.4. Today’s update includes two bug fixes. One of them, quite important, addresses a FaceTime issue that prevents iPhones, running the latest iOS 13.4, from engaging in FaceTime calls with Apple devices that…

iOS 13.4 software update screenshot on iPhone 11.

iOS 13.4 Brings New Memoji Stickers And A Series Of Bug Fixes And Improvements

Apple has just rolled out iOS 13.4 and iPadOS 13.4 for worldwide users. If you own and operate one of the 14 iPhone models that are compatible with iOS 13 we encourage you to upgrade as soon as possible. Any iPhone newer than the SE and the 6S models can handle the iOS 13 iterations….

asking siri to play song on spotify

How To Control Spotify Music Playback With Siri In iOS 13

Spotify has recently updated its app with Siri support. Thanks to iOS 13 and this latest update you can now use your iPhone’s virtual assistant to control music playback on your device. This feature is also available for iPads running iPadOS 13. All that you have to do is make sure that your Apple device…