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Apple Music. crashing in CarPlay

How To Fix Apple Music CarPlay Crashing Bug (iOS 14.6)

Last updated on September 30th, 2021 at 04:05 pmIs Apple Music crashing in CarPlay right after you tap the app icon on your car’s built-in display? You’re not the only one! This is an ongoing issue signaled to us by many readers. Reports have started landing in right after the release of the iOS 14.6…

iOS 14.6 bug fixes

5 iOS 14.6 Bug Fixes Highlighted In The Update Log

iOS 14.6 is about to be rolled out by Apple and we have some good news regarding the bug fixes included in this release! The Update Log includes 5 patches that tackle: performance issues during iPhone startup, Bluetooth connectivity improvements, call blocking shortcomings, a bug of the Reminders app and an unlock iPhone with Apple…

Live Listen not working with AirPods

How To Fix Live Listen Not Working With AirPods

Is Live Listen not working on your iPhone or iPad? Does it prompt you to ‘Connect a compatible audio device to use Live Listen’ even though you have your AirPods connected to your iOS device? This is most likely caused by a software glitch and you’ll probably be able to fix it following the tips…

how to block email tracking in ios 14

Trick To Block Email Tracking On iPhone And Mac

Did you know that email marketing companies can still track you on iPhone and Mac even with the Allow Apps to Request to Track feature now available, starting with iOS 14.5? However, you can block them by disabling a simple setting called Load Remote Images!…

Allow Apps to Request to Track greyed out fix

5 Ways To Fix Allow Apps To Request To Track Greyed Out

Apple has released the Allow Apps to Request to Track feature along with the iOS 14.5 update! However, a series of users are reporting that the option is inactive and won’t turn on, because it’s greyed out in Settings….