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iOS 15.2 update

iOS 15.2 Features, Release Notes, Bug Fixes (Coming Soon!)

Apple has released iOS 15.2 RC version with build number 19C56 to both Developers and Public Beta testers! If everything goes to plan, this will also be the public version of iOS 15.2 and should be released to all compatible iPhones in a couple of days!…

cellular data not working on iphone

Cellular Data Not Working On iPhone In iOS 15.1 (Fixed?)

Is cellular data not working after iOS 15.1 update? Is your iPhone not able to connect to the Internet when no Wi-Fi network is available? The 4G and 5G icons are shown in the status bar but Safari and other apps aren’t able to load web pages or exchange web data?…

iOS 15.2 Beta 4

iOS 15.2 Beta 4 Download, Bugs, Fixes, Features & More

Apple has released iOS 15.2 Beta 4 build number 19C5050b. It comes 15 days after the rollout of Beta 3 and more than one month since the initial beta. This version doesn’t seem to bring any other new features. It focuses on performance improvements and bug fixes instead….

Keyboard accuracy issues in iOS 15

iPhone Keyboard Accuracy Issues: Typing Errors In iOS 15?

Are you experiencing keyboard accuracy issues when typing on iPhone in iOS 15? Are you typing with errors much more frequently. Do you feel clumsy because you miss hitting the correct letters too often? Fortunately, these typos seem to be caused by a bug. It’s not your eyesight playing tricks on you!…

Cannot set up this AirTag

How To Fix Cannot Set Up This AirTag Error On iPhone

Are you getting the Cannot Set Up This AirTag error when trying to connect an AirTag to iPhone in iOS 15? You click OK and try again but the same thing happens?…