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iphone scrolls back to top by itself

How To Fix iPhone Scrolls Back To Top By Itself (iOS 15.5)

iPhone scrolling up by itself after iOS 15.5 update? Is the content unexpectedly returning to the top of an app or a webpage, as if a ghost touch is registered at the top of the screen occur while you’re scrolling down? This can be very annoying and time consuming!…

iPad not charging

iOS 15.5 Charging Issues: iPhone Not Charging To 100 (Fix!?)

Is your iPhone not charging to 100 after update? iOS 15.5 charging issues are common based on reports that we’re getting from our readers. iPads are affected too, some models not charging at all after the iPadOS 15.5 update!…

personal hotspot not working on iphone

Personal Hotspot Not Working On iPhone In iOS 15.5

Personal hotspot not working on iPhone after updating to iOS 15.5? Devices can detect your hotspot, but aren’t able to connect? Do you have problems with changing its password? It seems that the current iOS version comes with a personal hotspot bug….

iOS 15.6 beta

iOS 15.6 Beta 2 Features, Changes, Bugs And More [Updating]

iOS 15.6 beta testing is ongoing! The Developer Beta 2 and Public Beta 2 versions are currently up for grabs. On this page we highlight all the changes, new features as well as issues and bug fixes spotted for this version….

Waze Apple Music integration

Waze Apple Music Integration Now Available For iPhone

Waze Apple Music integration is now available on iPhone! This means that iOS users can access the premium music content directly from the Waze Audio Player. A handy feature especially for those own a car without CarPlay support….