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iOS 16 Public Beta 3

iOS 16 Public Beta 3 Problems, Features, Bug Fixes & More

Apple has released iOS 16 Public Beta 3 build number 20A5339d one day after the rollout of Developer Beta 5. The two versions are identical and continue to fine tune iOS 16.0 for the public release expected this fall. Check out new problems, features, bug fixes and more before updating….

iOS 16 Beta 5

iOS 16 Beta 5 Problems, Features, Release Notes & More

Apple has released iOS 16 Beta 5 build number 20A5339d for Developers. This update brings more changes and new features to the upcoming iOS generation. Problems and glitches aren’t missing either. Check out or extended review and contribute with your own experience….

emoji Lock screen

How To Create Emoji Lock Screen On iPhone In iOS 16

Starting with iOS 16 you can create emoji Lock Screens on iPhone! Funny patterns can be generated using your favorite smiley faces. All that you have to do is add a new Lock Screen, use the Emoji theme and customize it to your needs….

search not showing on home screen

Search Button Not Available On Home Screen In iOS 16? (Fix!)

Search button not available at the bottom of the Home Screen in iOS 16? This is a new shortcut that allows users to easily tap for Spotlight instead of swiping. It can miss because of a wrong setting or a temporary glitch….

Volume slider lag on iPhone

How To Fix Volume Slider Bug On iPhone In iOS 16

Is the Volume slider lagging on iPhone in iOS 16? Are the Volume Buttons not working as expected and act as being stuck when you click them? This is a common bug that has been reported by a lot of users in iOS 16 Beta 4….