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iOS 16.3

iOS 16.3 Issues, Bugs Fixed, New Features And Changes

Apple has released iOS 16.3 (20D47) for iPhone 8 and later models, today, Monday January 23, as leaked by us a couple of days ago. Check out all the new features, bugs fixed, ongoing problems as well as new issues reported by users!…

unity wallpaper ios 16

Unity Wallpaper iOS 16: How To Set Up On Home & Lock Screen

Are you looking to find out how to set the Unity Wallpaper on your iPhone’s Home and Lock Screen? After you update to iOS 16.3, you’ll get two new stock background option in the new Unity section….

cannot verify server identity on iphone

Cannot Verify Server Identity iOS 16 Error On iPhone & iPad?

Cannot Verify Server Identity keeps popping up on your iPhone after iOS 16 update? You’re informed that the identity of [domain name] cannot be verified and have the options to see Details or Cancel?…

Time Lapse lagging on iPhone

iPhone Time Lapse Lagging When Recording In iOS 16? Fix?

Time Lapse lagging on iPhone after iOS 16 update? Issue only occurs when recording, but the actual video plays normally? It happens only when using front facing camera or also with main camera?…

CarPlay Siri not working iOS 16

CarPlay Siri Not Working iOS 16 Bug? Commands Broken? (Fix!)

Is CarPlay Siri not working properly after iOS 16 update? Most of the commands aren’t registering unless you repeat them several times? Siri is muted and command are broken in iOS 16.2 too? You’re not alone!…