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iPad Not Charging when plugged in

How To Fix iPad Not Charging When Plugged In

Is your iPad not charging although it’s plugged into a power source? The charging indicator isn’t displayed in the status bar even though the device is connected to a wall power socket, a computer or any other accessory. Remaining battery percentage remains the same or continues to drop?…

start timer from control center

Trick To Quickly Set A Timer On iPhone And iPad

You can set a timer on iPhone in various ways, especially if you plan to use the built-in iOS feature. The traditional method requires you to open the Clock app, tap on the Timer tab, configure the interval, select the alert tone and Start the countdown….

App Store updates not working

How To Fix App Store Updates Not Working On iPhone & iPad

Are you trying to manually update apps on your iPhone or iPad but the feature isn’t working? You tap on Update All or use the Update icon for each individual app but nothing happens? We’ve go you covered! This App Store problem has happened before and we have the most common fixes for you!…

Magnifier app on Home Screen in iOS 14

How To Use Magnifier On iPhone Home Screen (iOS 14 Pro Tips)

The iPhone Magnifier tool has been revamped in iOS 14! It can now be used as a standalone app on iPhone and iPad. This means that you can enable the Magnifier app in the App Library and add its icon to the Home Screen for quick access! Magnifier is an iOS Accessiblity feature that allows…

TikTok video without watermark vs watermarked video

How To Save TikTok Videos Without Watermark To iPhone Camera Roll

There are many viral TikTok videos available on the popular video-sharing social media platform. Sharing them is very easy. You only have to tap on the Share icon, a rightwards pointing arrow, available in the horizontal menu of the right-hand side of the screen. Next, select the recipient. You can either send it directly to…