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iphone 11 pro apple leather case sale

iPhone 11 Pro Apple Leather Case Sale: 50% Off (Save $24.15)

Amazon is currently running a flash sale on the original Apple Leather Case for the iPhone 11 Pro. The accessory normally retails for $49.00 and is now available for $24.15, that’s almost 50% cheaper….

QuickTake on iPhone XS in iOS 14

How To QuickTake Video On iPhone XS, XS Max And XR

iOS 14 extends QuickTake to the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. This Camera app feature allows users to instantly record videos from the Photo screen. All that you have to do is tap & hold the shutter button and your iPhone will start recording. Swipe-right if the video turns out to be longer to…

How to clear iPhone 11 RAM memory

How To Clear iPhone 11 RAM Memory And Fix Minor Glitches

iPhones have become very powerful mini-computers, but like other gadgets, they aren’t bug free. In some cases it can happen that your iOS device acts overloaded. Apps might take longer to load and even crash. In such cases you can apply a simple trick called iPhone RAM memory reset. This troubleshooting tip isn’t new, but…

Vitamin C and Linen Blue iPhone 11 Silicone cases

Apple Adds 3 New Colors For iPhone 11 Silicone Cases And 4 New Apple Watch Sport Bands (2020 Summer Edition)

Apple bumps its iPhone 11 accessories lineup with three more colors for the Silicone Cases. We’re talking about fresh summer colors labeled as Vitamin C, Linen Blue and Seafoam, which are best described as orange, dark blue and light green shades. They’re available for all three models of the 2019 iPhone release, the 11, 11…

iPhone 11 with green discoloration on display

How To Fix iPhone 11 With Green Display Discoloration After Unlocking

We’ve recently been mailed by a couple of iPhone 11 user that complained about a strange green discoloration displaying for a couple of seconds after the device is unlocked. Although we couldn’t replicate the bug on our own iPhones, we’ve gathered some precious info from our readers, that could help everyone to temporary fix the…