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Apple Watch snake screen error

How To Fix Apple Watch Snake Screen Error (Snake Of Death)

Getting the Apple Watch snake screen error? Does your watchOS device display a charging cable the starts with an encircled lightning symbol? The device refuses to turn On? This issues is known as the Apple Watch Snake of Death!…

HomePod mini volume control not working

HomePod mini Volume Control Not Working (Fixed!)

Is the HomePod volume control not working as expected? You’re trying to adjust the sound level but the outcome is unpredictable? The audio output jumps in the opposite direction or doesn’t change at all? This is caused by a HomePodOS bug….

iPhone network lost error

iPhone Network Lost Error: Your Selected Cellular… (Fix!)

Are you getting the Network Lost error showing up on iPhone screen every few minutes? The popup informs that “Your selected cellular network for ‘(null)’ is no longer available”? The options are to ‘Dismiss’ or open ‘Settings’?…

Safari lagging in macOS Monterey 12.1

Safari Lagging On Mac In macOS Monterey 12.1 (Fix?!)

Is Safari lagging on Mac since macOS Monterey 12.1 update? Does Apple’s browser hang and act overloaded? Text in address bar becomes invisible and seriously affects your productivity?…

Apple TV cutting out audio on Netflix

Apple TV 4K Audio Cutting Out On Netflix App In tvOS 15.2?

Is your Apple TV 4K audio cutting out when watching content on the Netflix app? Does this happen after the tvOS 15.2 update? Does the sound stutter shortly after starting playback?…