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Fitness+ Apple TV Pairing Cancelled

How To Fix Fitness+ ‘Pairing Canceled’ Error On Apple TV

Are you trying to workout with Fitness+ using your Apple Watch and the Apple TV but are stuck at the ‘Pairing Canceled’ error message? You’re not the only one! This seems to be a common Apple Fitness+ bug that’s triggered when the Home app hasn’t been properly configured on the Apple TV….

iOS 14.3 Bluetooth Issues

iOS 14.3 Bluetooth Issues For Apple Watch & AirPods (Max)?

Before you update, be aware that iOS 14.3 could pack some Bluetooth issues, alongside the new features and bug fixes! This bug can cause AirPods and Apple Watch to unexpectedly disconnect from the paired iPhone! It appears that the iOS device is randomly dropping Bluetooth connections!…

AirPlay crashing iPhone Control Center in iOS 14

How To Fix AirPlay Crashing iPhone To Home Screen In iOS 14.3

Is AirPlay crashing your iPhone ever since you updated to iOS 14.3? Is the Control Center unexpectedly closing, whenever you tap on the AirPlay icon, from the Now Playing controls? This is a bug that we first encountered during our iOS 14.3 RC 2 tests. If Apple won’t fix it by Monday, it might also…

iOS 14 battery percentage bug

How To Fix iPhone Battery Percentage Bug In iOS 14

Is your iPhone battery percentage not working properly? A series of users have mailed us to complain that their iPhone (X, XR, 11 and 12 Pro Max) seem to display an incorrect remaining battery percentage value since updating to iOS 14.2. The issue seems to occur right after the device is charged overnight. The iPhone…

Safari iCloud tabs bug

Fix Safari iCloud Tabs Not Syncing Between iPhone, iPad & Mac

Are your open Safari iCloud tabs not syncing between devices? Do you have open Safari tabs on your Mac that don’t show up on your iPhone and vice-versa? Or tabs that are long closed on your iPad are still available on iPhone? This is a common issue occurring on Mac, iPhone and iPad used with…