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Fix Keyboard lag on iPhone in iOS 14

How To Fix Keyboard Lag On iPhone And iPad In iOS 14

Is your keyboard lagging on iPhone and iPad since you updated to iOS 14 / iPadOS 14? You’re not the only one! This is a common issue, that’s occurring mostly in the Messages app. When the user taps on the text input field, the keyboard either loads with a delay, lags when typing or freezes….

iOS 14 emoji search iPhone feature

How To Search For Emoji On iPhone (In iOS 14)

iOS 14 has finally got a much awaited enhancement! Gone are the days when you had to swipe again and again and lose precious time until you find that exact emoji. Apple has imported the highly appreciated macOS emoji search feature to the iPhone. As soon as you update to iOS 14 (currently in beta…

How to type the degree symbol on iPhone

How To Type The Degree Symbol On iPhone, iPad, Mac And Windows Keyboard

Are you one of many iPhone users that types “degree” whenever you need to mention info about temperature while texting, posting or similar? That’s no shame. I’m an iPhone owner for at least ten years and I have to admit that I’ve accidentally uncovered the “°” symbol shortcut, only a short while ago. I was…

ios 13 slide to type iphone keyboard

How To Use The New iOS 13 QuickPath Slide To Type Keyboard

One of the first new features that you will stumble upon after updating your iPhone to iOS 13 is the new Slide to Type keyboard. This isn’t something revolutionary for your iPhone, because the App Store packs already plenty third party keyboards that are offering a similar slide to type option. Nevertheless, this is the…

How to fix the iOS Predictive emoji keyboard.

How To Fix Missing Emoji Suggestions From The iOS Predictive Keyboard

The stock iOS Keyboard has become very intelligent and proactive over the years. It can successfully auto-correct your typing (excepting those moments when bugs find their way) and is also able to predict what you’re about to write, based on machine learning which relies on your past conversations and writing style. One of the newest…