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keyboard light not working on MacBook

How To Fix Keyboard Light Not Working On MacBook Air / Pro

Is the keyboard light not working on MacBook? Are the keys not lighting up on your portable computer causing you to not type efficiently in low light conditions? Is the backlight turning off after a few seconds? Here is what to do!…

how to enable haptic keyboard on iphone

How To Turn On Haptic Keyboard On iPhone (iOS 16)

Are you looking for a way to enable haptic keyboard on iPhone? This feature is finally available in iOS 16! Keyboard haptics cab be turned On alongside the keyboard sound, or as exclusive typing feedback option….

Keyboard accuracy issues in iOS 15

iPhone Keyboard Accuracy Issues: Typing Errors In iOS 15?

Are you experiencing keyboard accuracy issues when typing on iPhone in iOS 15? Are you typing with errors much more frequently. Do you feel clumsy because you miss hitting the correct letters too often? Fortunately, these typos seem to be caused by a bug. It’s not your eyesight playing tricks on you!…

Apple Watch 7 full keyboard

Apple Watch 7 Full Keyboard Not Available In watchOS 8

Is the Apple Watch 7 full keyboard not available on your brand new wrist-worn device? Are you trying to input text via the new stock watchOS 8 qwerty keyboard but it’s not working? Apparently, this Series 7 exclusive feature is currently country restricted!…

Keyboard not showing up on iPhone in iOS 14

How To Fix Keyboard Not Showing Up On iPhone / iPad (iOS 14)

Is the built-in keyboard not showing up on iPhone or iPad, when you tap on a text entry field in Mail, Notes, Spotlight Search, App Library Search or anything similar? The keyboard is active but invisible! You can type blindly, but it’s annoying! This is a common iOS 14 bug that’s frustrating a lot of…