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apple keyboard not working ventura

Apple Keyboard Not Working After Restart in macOS Ventura?

Apple keyboard not working after restart? This happens after macOS Ventura update and affects other wired keyboards too? Problems with wireless keyboards too, after waking up from sleep or Lock Screen? You’re not alone!…

key repeat not working macos ventura

Keyboard Repeat Not Working on Mac in macOS Ventura? (Fix?)

Keyboard repeat not working on Mac after macOS Ventura update? Pressing and holding a key, won’t repeat the same letter until you release? Backspace and spacebar are the only keys that are working as expected?…

iphone screen flickering ios 16

iPhone Screen Flickering When Typing In iOS 16? (Fix?)

Is your iPhone screen flickering when typing after iOS 16 update? Does this happen especially when grey backgrounds are displayed or when screen is using low brightness levels? Flickers are noticeable when the stock keyboard is active, in Notes, Safari, Youtube, Translate, Alarm app and more!…

how to play Minecraft with mouse and keyboard on iPad

How To Play Minecraft With Mouse And Keyboard On iPad / iPhone

You can now play Minecraft with mouse and keyboard on iPhone and iPad! This new feature is available thanks to a new update of the Minecraft app for iOS that adds support for in-game controls for Bluetooth peripherals….

Auto Capitalization not working on iPhone

Auto Capitalization Not Working On iPhone and iPad (Fix!)

Is auto capitalization not working on iPhone or iPad? Is the first letter of a word at the beginning of the sentence not automatically capitalized? The Auto Caps feature is enabled by default in iOS, iPadOS and macOS. Auto Capitalization Not Working On iPhone This issue has recently been reported by Evelyn on our iOS…