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How To Dial Any Number From The Apple Watch In watchOS 4

If you’re an Apple Watch user you were probably annoyed by the fact that dialing a call from the wrist-worn device was only possible if you planned to reach a contact that was already saved on the paired iPhone, or a number that you have been previously in contact with. There was no option of…

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How To Install A Keypad On Your Apple Watch

WatchOS 2 has added many new features to your revolutionary wrist gadget, but your Apple Watch is yet to own a native keypad. You can’t seriously ask the Cupertino coders to implement an efficient keyboard on a 42 or 38 mm screen, but a keypad is certainly achievable and the developers from TN APPS have…

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17 Secret iPhone Interrogation Codes

Like all other famous gadgets, your iPhone has its own secrets. Read on and we’ll inform you about a series of hidden codes that unveil secret actions. These short codes will either uncover hidden menus or act as direct commands. They provide additional information about your device and tweak current settings. Some settings can be…