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app privacy details on app store

App Privacy Details (Labels) On The App Store – iOS 14.3

iOS 14.3 brings App Privacy Details on the App Store. This means that each app product page will contain ‘nutrition labels’ that inform about how the app plans to handle collected data. This gives you a clear overview about how the app affects your privacy, before downloading and installing it on your iPhone, iPad or…

iOS 10 Recent call history label.

iOS 10 Adds Recent Label Next To iPhone Contact Number

A minor add-on that’s available starting with iOS 10 is the Recent label. It pops up above a number in the Call History app. It could pass as unnoticed for many iPhone users, but the feature is really helpful with those contacts that use multiple phone numbers on file. No, the tag isn’t created to…

siri relationship confirmation

Use Siri to Add Relationships and Simplify Voice Commands

Here is a little trick that will simplify your interaction with Siri. If you don’t already know, Siri is the built-in virtual assistant of any Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod. This tip is about creating relationships with your contacts. You can let Siri know which contact is your mother, sister, manager and so on. This…