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Face ID landscape ios 16

Face ID Not Working In Landscape Mode In iOS 16? (Fix!?)

Is Face ID not working in landscape mode after iOS 16 update? This new feature can be hampered by hardware limitations or a minor glitch of the new operating system! Here is what you can do to fix it!…

iOS 14 landscape mode bug

How To Fix iOS 14 Landscape Mode Video Playback Bug

Is your iPhone not displaying videos properly when you’re playing them in landscape mode? Are widgets displayed on top of the video, in the left side of the screen, ruining the experience? Apparently, this is a quite common iOS 14 bug. However, we’ve only experienced in in iOS 14.2.1, as have other readers that have…

ios 11 landscape tabs scrubber in safari

iOS 11 Adds Open Tabs Scrubber To Safari Landscape View

Another add-on that we just spotted while toying with the iOS 11 Beta version is the horizontal tabs scrubber that’s now available in Safari. All open tabs available in the stock iPhone and iPad Internet browser are one tap away if you flick your device horizontally and switch for the landscape view. The new scrubber…