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twitter rate limit exceeded message

Twitter Rate Limit Exceeded Message? 3 Ways To Bypass! Fix!

Getting the Twitter Rate limit exceeded error when browsing your timeline? You’re asked to ‘Please wait a few moments then try again’? You’re not the only one affected. It’s impacting worldwide users!…

Users sharing messages on Facebook Messengers

Facebook Caps Messenger Forwarding Limit To 5 Users To Limit Fake News

Facebook has recently announced that it has introduced a new messages forwarding limit for its Messenger app. Users are now allowed to forward a message to a maximum number of 5 users or groups at a time….

ios 13 low data mode for iphone

How To Use iOS 13 Low Data Mode To Reduce iPhone Cellular And Wi-Fi Data Usage

Similar to the Low Power Mode that Apple introduced back in iOS 9, the iPhone gets a welcomed Low Data Mode feature that helps users reduce the data usage over cellular or Wi-Fi networks. Although in most cases Wi-Fi and cellular data plans are quite affordable nowadays, there are still services that charge additional fees…

ios 12 screen time info

iOS 12 New Screen Time Feature For iPhone And iPad

Nowadays we spend more and more time each day on our iPhones, so much that it seems that we don’t have enough left to complete all the tasks anymore. This happens because of the various distraction that are found on an iOS device. A sudden notification can disturb you from your activity in a Productivity…

iphone volume limit setting

How To Limit The Music Playback Volume On Your iPhone

Most often we want our iPhone to be able to play music as loud as possible. To achieve this we increase the playback Volume to the maximum and even link our iOS device to portable Bluetooth speakers, in order to satisfy our ears. However, there are some cases when we would like to limit the…