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Google Maps Timeline disabled on iPhone

How To Enable / Disable Google Maps Timeline On Your iPhone

Google updated its Maps app for iOS, a couple of months ago, with a new feature called Timeline. When properly configured, this new option allows the app to collect and store data about the places, cities and countries that you visit and create a history of the places you’ve seen. If you like to travel…

iOS 13 Find My App.

How To Use The ‘Find My’ App In iOS 13

Apple has decided to merge the Find My Friends and Find My Phone app into a single software intuitively named ‘Find My’. Starting with iOS 13 you have a single place where you can search for a lost Apple device or a friend. Besides joining the apps the Cupertino-based tech giant has added a handy…

ios 11 blue status bar for location services usage

iOS 11 Comes With Improved Control Over Location Services

Location Services is a very useful iPhone feature. It allows your iOS device to gather data from its GPS module, Cellular data and Wi-Fi connection and pinpoint its approximate whereabouts on the globe. Various stock and third party apps like Maps, Weather, Camera and more use the Location Services info for navigation purposes or to…