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New MacBook Air Wallpapers

New 15 Inch MacBook Air Wallpapers Download (4 Colors!)

Apple has unveiled a new 15 inch MacBook Air model during the WWDC 23 keynote. As usual, it comes with an exclusive background called Radial, available in four colors: yellow, blue, pink and green!…

macbook air overheats when gaming

MacBook Air Heating Up When Playing Games? (Fix?)

Is your Macbook heating up when playing games and not only? Does this happen after updating to macOS Ventura? You’re wondering if it’s safe to continue gaming or you should better stop?…

MacBook Air wallpaper

New M2 MacBook Air Wallpaper 2022 [Download Now]

Apple has unveiled the new MacBook Air during the WWDC 2022 keynote! The M2 powered computer has been showcased alongside a new wallpaper which is now available for download! Thanks to the recently released macOS Ventura Developer Beta, the new wallpapers are now available and ready to display on your desktop background! M2 MacBook Air…

get to know your mac notification bug

‘Get To Know Your Mac’ Notification Bug Names Any Mac A MacBook Air

Apple has just pushed a ‘Get To Know Your Mac’ notification to Mac owners that have updated to macOS Big Sur. However the banner notification comes with a bug, because it names any Mac a MacBook Air, no matter if it’s triggered on a desktop or laptop macOS machine….