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magsafe firmware 258

MagSafe Firmware 258 Update: How To, Changes, Issues

Apple has recently released MagSafe firmware 258 (10M3761) for its wireless charger that’s compatible with the iPhone 12 and later, the AirPods Pro 2 and the latest Apple Watches! Let’s track the changes, fixes as well as issues reported by users!…

MagSafe Charger firmware 255

MagSafe Charger Firmware Update 255 (10M1821) [Review]

Apple has released a new MagSafe charger firmware 255 also known as 10M1821, to replace the previous 247 (10M229) version. Most likely, this rollout fine tunes wireless charging for the new iPhone 14 models and the recently released AirPods Pro 2….

AirPods Pro 2 wireless charging issue

AirPods Pro 2 Charging Issue? Very Slow Wireless Charging?

Are you experiencing AirPods 2 Pro charging issues? Are they charging very slow or not charging at all when opting for wireless charging with the Apple Watch MagSafe charger or any other third-party wireless charger?…

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Sale on Amazon

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Sale On Amazon $75 (Save $24)

The Cyber Week deals are ongoing on Amazon! Today you can grab the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack sale which cuts $24 from the $99 retail price. $74.99 is the lowest price we’ve tracked on Amazon for this iPhone external battery!…

MacBook Pro Not Charging when powered off

2021 MacBook Pro Not Charging When Powered Off (Fix?)

Is your brand new 2021 MacBook Pro not charging when powered off? The MagSafe status light flashes amber, signaling a charging issue? In the same time with the status light turning On and Off, the charging sound effect can also be heard….