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Microsoft Outlook not authenticating on iPhone

Microsoft Outlook Account Not Authenticated Error? (Fix!)

Do you get the Microsoft Outlook Account not authenticated error when trying to check emails on iPhone and iPad? Does it happen both in Outlook app for iOS, as well as the built-in Mail app?…

Hide My Email in Mail

How To Send Emails Without Showing Email Address (iOS 15.2)

In iOS 15 you can send emails from iPhone, iPad or Mac without showing your email address. This can be done with the new Hide My Email feature that has been expanded to the stock Mail app, starting with iOS 15.2….

Mail notifications not working on iPhone

How To Fix Mail Notifications Not Working On iPhone (iOS 15)

Are Mail notifications not working on iPhone and iPad after updating to iOS 15, respectively iPadOS 15? You’re only informed that you have new emails waiting to be read when you open the app? This is a common issue but can be solved easily, as explained below….

Mail not working in macOS Monterey

Mail Not Working on Mac: Emails Not Loading In macOS 12.0.1

Are emails not loading in Mail after macOS Monterey update? They’re listed in Inbox, but when you try to open a message the read it, you just get the header but the rest of the page is blank page with no content in the body section? This seems to be a widespread macOS 12.0.1 Mail…

Custom Domain Alias Setup

How To Set Up iCloud Custom Email Aliases For Mail App

Starting with iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS 12 Mail users are able to set up iCloud custom email aliases. You only need a domain name that you already own. Configure it for sending and receiving messages in the stock Mail app on an iPhone, iPad or Mac….