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Mail app Email Alias bug demo

How To Fix Email Alias Not Working In iOS 14 Mail App

Is your email alias not working as expected in the stock Mail app after you’ve updated to iOS 14? You’re not the only looking for a fix! Apparently, an iOS 14 bug prevents aliases from being used when sending an email from the iPhone and iPad….

Gmail default mail app on iPhone

How To Set Gmail As Default Mail App On iPhone & iPad In iOS 14

One of the less known iOS and iPadOS 14 feature let’s you can change the default mail app for iPhone and iPad. However, for this option to become available, third-party mail clients have to be updated with compatibility. Microsoft have been the first to reach as they’ve updated Outlook with this feature as soon as…

Microsoft Outlook default mail app on iPhone

How To Set Microsoft Outlook As Default Mail App On iPhone

iOS 14 allows users to set compatible third-party mail apps as default mail application for iPhone. This means that you can replace the stock Mail app, with Microsoft Outlook, Gmail or any other compatible software that supports this new feature….

iOS Mail app icon with security alert

How To Fix The iOS Mail App Security Issues That Expose Your iPhone To Hacking Attempts

Two zero-day security vulnerabilities of the stock iOS Mail app have been uncovered by a San Francisco-based cyber-security company. According to them your iPhone’s, iPad’s and iPod’s native Mail app can be infected by an attacker that sends emails which are able to consume significant amount of memory. The aggressor can also exploit a second…

Italian flag crash message displayed on iPhone 11 Pro

How To Keep Your iPhone Safe From Italian Flag Emoji & Sindhi Language Crash Message Bug

A new character message that crashes iPhones, iPads, iPods, Macs and Apple Watches has surfaced. A lethal character- combo of the Italian flag emoji and characters from the Sindhi language is able to brick the Mail, Messages and all other iOS apps that have to render texts. It seems that iOS 13 simply can’t render…