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how to send Memoji with mask

How To Add Face Mask To Memoji On iPhone & iPad (iOS 14)

Unfortunately we’re still living pandemic times and this can continue for years. Apple has quickly adapted to the situation and in iOS 14 you can add a mask to your Memoji. Face coverings are used worldwide to protect users against the novel Coronavirus. In most countries the surgical masks are mandatory indoors and in crowded…

how to make a memoji

How To Create, Use And Edit A Memoji In iOS 12

Animojis have been a real hit last year when they have been introduced along the iPhone X and iOS 11. Users love to interact with the help of the funny faces that are able to pick up your facial expression and deliver your message to another iOS recipient. One year later, iOS 12 has been…

ios 12 memoji examples

5 New Animoji Features In iOS 12

Animojis have been introduced with great success along with iOS 11 and the iPhone X. One year later, iOS 12 is ready to roll out with and improved version of Apple’s already famous animated emojis. This feature works only for iOS devices that are hardware-wise equipped with the TrueDepth camera system. The iPhone ‘Ten’ qualifies…