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iPhone 12 microphone not working

iPhone 12 Pro Max Microphone Not Working When Recording Video

Is the microphone of your brand new iPhone 12 not working as expected? Is your device not recording any sounds when you capture a video or voice memo. This abnormal behavior has been reported for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, running iOS 14.2.1 by one of our readers. He does confirm that the mic works…

how to fix Apple Watch muted microphone during calls

How To Fix Apple Watch Microphone Not Working During Voice Calls

Are you answering a voice call directly from your wrist but the caller isn’t able to hear you? This happens when the microphone on your Apple Watch isn’t working as it should. A glitch could automatically mute your device’s microphone and thus render it unusable!…

iPhone 12 case missing speaker and microphone holes

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Case Missing Speaker & Microphone Holes!

New Apple accessories are already arriving to early buyers, just ahead of the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models. However, an Apple customer had a bad surprise when he unpacked his iPhone 12 Pro Silicone Case. The new Cyprus-Green MagSafe compatible case has shipped without the required speaker and microphone holes….

iPhone with microphone problem

How To Fix Your iPhone Microphone At Home

Is your iPhone’s microphone suddenly not working anymore? Are your call partners complaining that they’re not able to hear you properly, even when you’re not on speaker mode? Have you noticed that the videos that you record have a poor audio? If one of the above scenarios fits you, it’s highly likely that your iOS…

How to eavesdrop with your iPhone and AirPods

How To Eavesdrop With iOS 12 Live Listen On iPhone And AirPods

Starting with iOS 12 Apple has added AirPods support to the Live Listen feature. This option already allowed iPhone and iPad owners to use their devices as remote microphones for an MFI-compatible hearing aid, since 2014. Now, you can use your iOS device in combination with a pair of AirPods and pull off some serious…