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Microsoft Outlook not authenticating on iPhone

Microsoft Outlook Account Not Authenticated Error? (Fix!)

Do you get the Microsoft Outlook Account not authenticated error when trying to check emails on iPhone and iPad? Does it happen both in Outlook app for iOS, as well as the built-in Mail app?…

Microsoft Office apps crashing in iOS 15

How To Fix Microsoft Office Apps Crashing In iOS 15 RC

Are the Microsoft Office apps crashing on startup after updating to iOS 15 / iPadOS 15 RC (19A344)? Is this happening for most MS Office apps including Word, Excel and PowerPoint? Although these apps worked without problems during the beta testing stages, a bug or change included in the iOS 15 Release Candidate version causes…

Microsoft Outlook default mail app on iPhone

How To Set Microsoft Outlook As Default Mail App On iPhone

iOS 14 allows users to set compatible third-party mail apps as default mail application for iPhone. This means that you can replace the stock Mail app, with Microsoft Outlook, Gmail or any other compatible software that supports this new feature….