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Best iTunes movies of 2017.

Top 50 Movies And Television Series On iTunes In 2017

Apple has recently announced the best and most downloaded content in 2017 from the App Store and iTunes. We’ve informed you which apps and games have been awarded the “Best of” title. Now it’s time to take a look at the most watched movies and TV Series on the iTunes store this year. According to…

iTunes movie deals during Cyber Monday week.

50+ iTunes Movies On Sale During Cyber Monday Week

Cyber Monday has come and gone! But we still have the Cyber Monday week currently unfolding and iTunes is celebrating it with over 50 movies that are on sale right now. Most titles are from the Quirky Comedies and Christmas Classic sections but you can find other genres too mixed together in a distinct category….

itunes black friday movie sales collection

100+ iTunes Movies Discounted For Black Friday 2017

This is perhaps one of the biggest iTunes movie sales that I’ve ever seen. The discounts come just in time to celebrate Black Friday 2017, which is officially set for November 24, 2017. It’s nearly impossible to mention all films that are featured in this massive deal, nevertheless I did my best to highlight some…

itunes dc movies sale

Destination Comedies, DC Movies & Film Bundle Deals Now Available In iTunes (Over 100 Titles)

The iTunes store has just been updated with a new batch of discounted movies. Apple has chosen to feature Destination Comedies and DC Movies this week. It has discounted 32, respectively 25 titles. Among the films available on sale you can find names like Snatched, The Hangover, Eurotrip, Vegas Vacation and more for Destination Comedies….

iphone x animoji karaoke

How To Make Great Animoji Karaoke Clips On The iPhone X

Judging the amount of success that Apple’s revolutionary Animoji feature already, I’m sure that plenty of you consider that the $1000 investment already pays off! Being able to record and share animated emojis has created a new lip-syncing mania also known as Animoji Karaoke. YouTube and all the popular social media websites have been flooded…