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Tag: Mute

iphone conference call menu

How To Dial And Manage A Conference Call From iPhone

Did you know that you can use your iPhone to engage in a call that has multiple participants. This is called a conference call and is a conversation that is very easy to set up. Group calling is useful whenever you have important business decisions to take, or more common when you want to reunite…

apple watch mute for today feature

How To Mute Apple Watch Activity Notifications

A lot of us appreciate the Apple Watch’s unique fitness tracking capabilities. There have been numerous reports about users that successfully improved their fitness levels, with the help of this revolutionary wearable. The Activity app with its Reminders, Alerts and Progress Updates, has a crucial role in motivating Apple Watch owners to move that extra…

iphone 6 side switch

Set iPhone Side Switch To Lock Rotation

With iOS 9 you’re able to tweak the function of your iPhone’s Side Switch. Until now, the one and only role of this knob was to Mute/Unmute your smartphone. Thus it’s also widely known as the Mute Switch. However, it seems that Apple has decided to allow more personalization options and iOS 9 users are…

apple watch do not disturb on

Apple Watch Do Not Disturb Mode Tips

We all have our moments when we wish to remain distraction free, at least for a little while! Now, with the Apple Watch on our wrist, we added yet another source of beeps, ringers and other sounds as well as haptics! They try their best to make sure that we don’t miss an important notification,…