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contact names not showing up in messages

Contact Names Not Showing Up In Messages In iOS 17?(Fix!)

Contact names not showing in Messages after iOS 17 update? The phone number is displayed instead making it difficult to recognize the conversation partner? It happens only with iMessages? Here is what to do!…

How to rename widgets in iOS 14

How To Change Widget Names On iPhone Home Screen In iOS 14

You love filling up your iPhone’s Home Screen with widgets, but are looking for a way to add custom names to them? This is a feature that many iOS 14 users are asking for. I hate to disappoint you, but it’s unfortunately not available yet….

Retail iPhone boxes

How To Know If Your iPhone Is A Retail Or Refurbished Unit

Here is a great tip for all you Apple fans that make a habit of purchasing used iPhone units. Did you know that you can find two types of iPhones on the second-hand market? These can be Retail or Refurbished units. Both of them are of course manufactured by Apple. The retail ones are those…

no name ios folders on iphone home screen

Trick For Creating iOS Folders With No Name

With the 1.5 million apps now available in the App Store, you can easily reach the count of 100 on your iOS device. In order to rapidly manage and access the content of each app, you need to organize them efficiently. Folders are easily used to group applications by category. Even with Spotlight search getting…

using emojis to name iOS folders

Did You Know That You Can Use Emojis To Name iOS Folders?

This is an ineresting iOS feature that might have slipped unnoticed even to those of you that are experienced iPhone users. Did you know that you can use those suggestive smiley faces and icons to name the folders created on your iOS device’s home screen? This morning I was creating a new folder on my…