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Secure your Netflix Profile with a PIN

How To Lock Your Netflix Profile With A PIN

Netflix has recently updated the parental controls for its account holders. You’re now able to secure your Profile with a PIN and prevent kids or other family members from using them. To reduce costs, Netflix accounts can host up to 4 profiles and these are usually divided between family members and having a large variety…

SDR vs Dolby Vision video content

Use Maximum Brightness When Watching HDR Or Dolby Vision Content On iPhone X, XS And XS Max

Did you know that you have to maximize the iPhone’s display brightness when watching HDR or Dolby Vision content in order to get the best viewing experience? This type of media content looks dull, less vivid if it’s not displayed on a high brightness background. Apparently, iOS doesn’t tweak the iPhone’s brightness automatically when high…

stranger things app store game

Stranger Things: The Game Now Available In The App Store (Free)

Although Netflix’s popular TV Series, Stranger Things Season 2, is a few weeks away from being aired on TV, fans of the Winona Ryder and Joice Byers drama can anticipate the release by playing Stranger Things: The Game. The BonusXP coded app is now available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. More, the…