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iOS 11 new App Store home screen.

App Store Receives A Complete Redesign In iOS 11

Nine years after it premiered, the App Store receives a full revamp along with the release of iOS 11. Apple claims that it extracted all the positives and has redesigned its online software market to help users discover new apps and games more easier. But that’s not all, the new App Store comes with new…

duet display predictive line feature

Duet Display For iOS Updates With New Pro Features And Goes On Sale

The App Store app the turns your iPad into an extra screen for your Mac has just been updated with additional features for Pro members. Duet Display is the best selling iPad app in the US, UK, Japan, Germany and 17 other countries. We featured it on iPhoneTricks.org, last autumn, as it went on sale….

iOS 10 'New Contact info found'

The iOS 10 ‘New Contact info found’ Suggestion For Unknown iPhone Numbers

Today it’s about those minor iOS 10 features that make the difference. After checking out the newly added Recent label it’s time to see how the ‘New Contact info found’ feature works. This is practically another function that makes your iPhone proactive. Whenever you receive a text message from an unknown number, that’s a number…

list with recent contacts used in Messages

Trick To Unveil Your Recent Contacts When Typing A New Message

Did you know that iOS comes with a hidden shortcut that allows you to instantly display the iOS Contacts that you recently interacted with, while using the Messages app? This helps you out to easily fill up the recipient field and dispatch a text, whenever you want to start a fresh conversation. Yes, the feature…