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ios 11 night shift mode shortcut

iPhone Night Shift Mode Shortcut Is Hidden In iOS 11

Have you recently updated you iPhone to iOS 11 and are encountering trouble finding the Night Shift mode shortcut in Control Center? Don’t feel annoyed. You’re not the only one having a hard time. Apple has completely redesigned the Control Center and Night Shift isn’t available in the main window anymore. We received over a…

iphone true tone display feature

iPhone X, iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus True Tone Display Feature

Another new feature coming with the 2017 iPhone flagships is the True Tone Display. Although it might not seem like a big deal, your eyes will highly appreciate it in the long rung. But what is True Tone Display you might ask? Well, it’s a similar feature with the Night Shift mode. It helps your…

iphone night shift mode in control center

How, Why and When To Use iOS Night Shift Mode On iPhone and iPad

Night Shift mode is one of the important features introduced by Apple with the release of iOS 9.3. It has the role to change the color spectrum of the iPhone display when daylight fades away. This makes your iOS device more user friendly for your eyes. According to a series of studies, browsing the iPhone…