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iPadOS 16 not showing on iPad

iPadOS 16 Not Showing Up On iPad (Not Available? Fix?)

Is iPadOS 16 not showing up on iPad? You’re sure that your device is compatible with it, but you’re getting iPadOS 15.7 update instead? Don’t worry, it’s normal, because Apple has decided to delay iPadOS 16 until sometime in October!…

Mail badges not available iOS 16

iPhone Mail Badges Not Showing (Missing) In iOS 16? [Fix!]

Are Mail badges not showing after iOS 16 update? Is your iPhone missing email badges altogether? The Badges field isn’t available in Settings, so there’s no way to turn them ON or OFF? Here is what you can do to fix it….

search not showing on home screen

Search Button Not Available On Home Screen In iOS 16? (Fix!)

Search button not available at the bottom of the Home Screen in iOS 16? This is a new shortcut that allows users to easily tap for Spotlight instead of swiping. It can miss because of a wrong setting or a temporary glitch….

Apple System Status page not working

Apple System Status Page Not Working? (Not Reporting?)

Is the Apple System Status page not working? Are you trying to check if there’s an ongoing issue with a specific Apple service but the System status isn’t reporting anything?…

This song is not currently available Apple Music

This Song Is Not Currently Available In Your Country Error?

Are you trying to stream a song from Apple Music but you’re getting the ‘Song is not currently available in your country’ error, although you listened to the same song in the past?…