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charging on hold ios 16 notification

Charging On Hold Due To iPhone Temperature iOS 16 Bug? Fix?

Are you frequently getting the Charging On Hold notification on iPhone in iOS 16? You’re informed that charging will resume when iPhone returns to normal temperature? Does it occur when device is connected to CarPlay or when you use a wireless charger?…

iPad not charging

iOS 15.5 Charging Issues: iPhone Not Charging To 100 (Fix!?)

Is your iPhone not charging to 100 after update? iOS 15.5 charging issues are common based on reports that we’re getting from our readers. iPads are affected too, some models not charging at all after the iPadOS 15.5 update!…

Apple Watch snake screen error

How To Fix Apple Watch Snake Screen Error (Snake Of Death)

Getting the Apple Watch snake screen error? Does your watchOS device display a charging cable the starts with an encircled lightning symbol? The device refuses to turn On? This issues is known as the Apple Watch Snake of Death!…

MacBook Pro Not Charging when powered off

2021 MacBook Pro Not Charging When Powered Off (Fix?)

Is your brand new 2021 MacBook Pro not charging when powered off? The MagSafe status light flashes amber, signaling a charging issue? In the same time with the status light turning On and Off, the charging sound effect can also be heard….

apple watch 7 not charging

Apple Watch 7 Not Charging (Randomly Stops Charging)

Is your Apple Watch 7 not charging properly? Does it randomly stop charging and when you pick it up from the MagSafe puck, instead of having a 100% battery load, you only get a couple of ticks higher on the battery status?…