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unable to check for update iOS 16

Unable To Check For Update iOS 16.0.2 Not Showing Up? (Fix!)

Unable to Check for Update error keeps popping up on iPhone? iOS 16.0.2 not showing up in the Software Update section, no matter how many times you Try Again? You’re informed that an error occurred while checking for a software update?…

Duplicates not showing in iOS 16

Duplicates Not Showing In iOS 16 Photos App (Fix ?)

Are Duplicates not showing in iOS 16? You’ve updated iPhone to the most recent release but device isn’t able to find and list duplicate photos in the Utilities section? Is this an early iOS 16 bug? Let’s check it out!…

Mail badges not available iOS 16

iPhone Mail Badges Not Showing (Missing) In iOS 16? [Fix!]

Are Mail badges not showing after iOS 16 update? Is your iPhone missing email badges altogether? The Badges field isn’t available in Settings, so there’s no way to turn them ON or OFF? Here is what you can do to fix it….

battery percentage iphone 13

Battery Percentage Not Showing On iPhone In iOS 16? (Fix!)

You can finally display the battery percentage on iPhone with Face ID! The values are shown within the battery icon in the status bar starting with iOS 16! However, there are plenty iPhone 13,12,11 and XR users that aren’t getting the battery percentage in the status bar….

search not showing on home screen

Search Button Not Available On Home Screen In iOS 16? (Fix!)

Search button not available at the bottom of the Home Screen in iOS 16? This is a new shortcut that allows users to easily tap for Spotlight instead of swiping. It can miss because of a wrong setting or a temporary glitch….