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This accessory is not supported by this device

This Accessory Is Not Supported By This Device Error (Fix!)

Are you getting ‘This Accessory Is Not Supported By This Device’ error on iPhone or iPad? It’s usually triggered when you’re connecting an accessory, like a charger, that’s not compatible with your device. Charging might still work in some cases. But is it safe to use?…

macOS Monterey Cannon Install error

macOS Monterey Cannot Be Installed Error (Not Supported)

Are you getting the macOS Monterey cannot be installed error when trying to update your Mac to the latest macOS 12 software update? A popup informing you that ‘this version of macOS is not yet supported’ is shown on the screen?…

AirPods Left Behind Notifications not working

AirPods Pro Left Behind Notifications Not Working Properly ?

Are the AirPods Pro left behind notifications not working as they should on iPhone? Is your device alerting you that you’ve forgot your Bluetooth earbuds at a nearby location, although the AirPods are in your pocket? Worse, the Notify When Left Behind option is labeled as ‘Not supported’?…