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SIM Card not working on iPhone

SIM Card Not Working On iPhone After iOS 15.6 Update (Fix!?)

Is the SIM card not working on iPhone after iOS 15.6 update? Are you getting No Service, No SIM error? Device isn’t able to dial or receive regular calls and text messages? You’re not the only one. This issue has been reported by several readers….

Move ring not working

How To Fix Move Ring Not Working On Apple Watch

Is the Move ring not working on Apple Watch? You’re moving but the green ring isn’t closing at all? Other Activity Rings update normally, it’s just the green one that’s not moving? Here is what you can do about it!…

Apple Watch touch screen not working

Apple Watch Touch Screen Not Working In watchOS 9 (Fix !?)

Is your Apple Watch touch screen not working after watchOS 9 update? This issue has been reported by a series of Series 5 owners that are running watchOS 9 Public Beta. Restarting the watch doesn’t seem to help. Here is what else you can do….

YouTube PIP On iPhone in iOS 16

How To Fix YouTube PiP Not Working On iPhone And iPad

Is YouTube Picture-in-Picture not working on iPhone and iPad? Google has recently announced that this highly awaited feature is now available for all iOS and iPadOS devices. Nevertheless, there are a few requirements that have to be met….

Apple TV remote Select button not working

Apple TV Remote Select Button Not Working (How To Fix!)

Is the Apple TV Remote Select button not working? Are you pressing it but the click isn’t recognized by the device? It could happen because of a bug in the most recent firmware update or due to hardware problems caused by low battery or other issues?…