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apple watch pending notification indicator

10 Apple Watch Notifications Tips and Tricks

One of the most spectacular functions of your watch OS wearable device is that it can intercept and display notifications that arrive on the paired iPhone. This means that you don’t have to grab your iOS smartphone whenever a text message, mail, reminder or social media update is incoming. Simply raise your wrist and get…

yobu android like iphone dialer

Yobu Brings Android-Like Dialing To iPhone

If you ever used an Android based smartphone, you surly must have noticed that iOS misses those rapid and smart dialing features available on its rival devices. It still puzzles me how Apple hasn’t embedded these functions yet, to it’s built-in Keypad module! I’m talking about the fast search option that scans your contacts when…

iPhone Notification Widgets

iPhone Notification Center Widget Setup and Configuration

Although Apple hasn’t introduced the availability of home screen widgets in their iOS 8 release, it’s now possible to use widgets within the Notification Center. This improves the information flow for us iPhone and iPad users, because we now benefit of the option to receive ‘at-a-glance’ data, a swipe away from the home screen or…