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Leave On Time Sensitive Notifications Bug

How To Fix Leave On Time Sensitive Notifications iOS 15 Bug

Are Time Sensitive Notifications annoying you in iOS 15, respectively iPadOS 15? Is your iPhone frequently prompting you with a Leave On Time Sensitive notification that asks if you want to keep receiving notifications from a certain app immediately, or you prefer to have them included in the scheduled summary?…

notifications not working in iOS 15

How To Fix Notifications Not Working On iPhone In iOS 15

Are notifications not working on iPhone since updating to iOS 15? Apps are not triggering alerts unless you open them? New features like Focus or Scheduled Summary could block them if you accidentally enabled them. Or, you might be actually dealing with a notifications bug!…

notification summary on iPhone in iOS 15

How To Get Notification Summary On iPhone In iOS 15

In iOS 15 you can get Notification Summary on iPhone. This allows your iOS device to bundle non-urgent notifications and display them in a summary, on Lock Screen at scheduled times. You can set up one or more daily Notification Summaries, without missing the important stuff. Calls, direct messages and Time Sensitive notifications will go…