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extra icloud storage expired notification

Extra iCloud Storage Expired Notification In iOS 16? (Fix!)

Getting the Extra iCloud Storage Expired notification after iOS 16 update? You’re informed multiple times a day that ‘this iPhone is no longer being backed up to iCloud’ and are not able to get rid of this warning?…

Mismatched AirPods Pro notification

Mismatched AirPods Pro Notification Pops Up Erroneously?

Are you getting a strange Mismatched AirPods Pro notification popping up for your brand new AirPods Pro 2? Card informs that the AirPods in the charging case are different generations and they do not work together?…

AirPods Connected notification keeps showing up

AirPods Connected Notification Keeps Showing Up In iOS 16?

Getting AirPods Connected notification every time you close the Notification Center on iPhone? It happens although they never disconnected in the meantime? The popup shows up only when no audio is playing?…

iPhone storage full issue

iPhone Storage Full Notification Issue Fixed In iOS 15.6.1?

The storage full notification issue is one of the oldest and most persisting bugs of iOS 15. Now, that we’re nearing the crossover to iOS 16, some readers still report the problem in iOS 15.6.1 even if Apple confirmed that’s been fixed in the update log of iOS 15.6….