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iPhone X restarting because of December 2 date bug.

How To Fix December 2 iOS 11 Notifications Bug That Crashes Your iPhone And iPad

Another annoying bug has found its way into iOS 11! This time instead of getting strange symbols autocorrected by your Keyboard, your iPhone or iPad crashes completely when you receive a local notification or reminder and your device’s date is December 2 or later. The glitch is so serious that Apple has rushed the release…

iOS 11.2 Software Update

iOS 11.2 Released Early To Fix December 2 Date Bug – Upgrade Now!

Yesterday, when the iOS 11.2 Beta 6 was rolled out, I predicted that we’re most likely dealing with a Golden Master version. I was right, but I would never have expected for Apple to push the official iOS 11.2 only a few hours later. Neither did the Cupertino-based tech giant, until a huge iOS 11…

ios 11 repeat message alerts setting

How To Disable Repeat Alerts For Message Notifications On iPhone Lock Screen

Have you just switched to iOS and purchased your first iPhone? No matter if you chose the iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus or any earlier model there is a high chance that you might be annoyed by a default iOS 11 setting that’s enabled on any new Apple smartphone. Are you encountering alerts that repeat…

locked iphone x hidding message notifications

How To Enable Notification Previews On iPhone X

Thanks to the revolutionary Face ID authentication system the iPhone X is set by default to only show the previews of incoming notifications when it successfully detects your face. This is a great privacy enhancement available in the 10th anniversary iPhone, preventing individuals, in your proximity, from taking a sneak peek at your incoming texts….

how to open notifications screen on iphone x

How To Unveil The Notifications Screen On iPhone X

The way you access the missed Notifications is one of the few iOS 11 commands that hasn’t been dramatically modified to fit the iPhone X. On all other iPhone models running the 11th iOS generation the Notifications view is unveiled with a swipe-down from the top of the screen, when the device is unlocked, and…