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Mindfulness notification on Apple Watch

How To Turn Off Mindfulness Notifications On Apple Watch

Is your Apple Watch prompting you with Mindfulness notifications daily after updating to watchOS 8? They can become annoying especially if you’re not the kind of person that are into meditation….

Mail notifications not working on iPhone

How To Fix Mail Notifications Not Working On iPhone (iOS 15)

Are Mail notifications not working on iPhone and iPad after updating to iOS 15, respectively iPadOS 15? You’re only informed that you have new emails waiting to be read when you open the app? This is a common issue but can be solved easily, as explained below….

iPhone not backed up notification

iPhone Not Backed Up Notification (Backup Failed Suggestion)

Is your iPhone not backing up to iCloud and you’re frequently getting ‘Backup Failed’ warnings or ‘iPhone Not Backed Up’ notifications? This is usually caused by not enough storage available in your iCloud account. There are two options to fix this issue!…

Contour Watch Face notification dot off center

Contour Watch Face Notification Dot Off Center (AW 7 Bug?)

Is the brand new Apple Watch 7 displaying the Notification dot off center? The red dot that indicates that you have unread notifications, is placed towards the right of the screen? Does this bother you? Is this a watchOS 8 bug or an intended behavior?…

temporarily mute notifications suggestion

How To Stop Temporarily Mute Notifications On iPhone

Is your iPhone questioning you if you would like ‘to temporarily mute notifications from’ a specific app? This recommendation comes alongside a notification and is displayed on the Lock Screen. However, most of the time it doesn’t seem to make sense and the requests become annoying!…