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airpods pro 2 battery replacement notification

AirPods Pro 2 Battery Replacement Notification Error (Fix?)

Are you getting AirPods Pro 2 battery replacement notifications on iPhone, iPad or Mac, from the Find My app? Does it show up as a CRITICAL alert that’s entitled ‘Item Battery is Low’ and asks you to ‘Replace the battery on left soon’? Getting the same for the right AirPod and the case too?…

red notification dot stuck on apple watch

Apple Watch Red Notification Dot Won’t Go Away (Fixed!)

Apple Watch notification dot won’t go away from the top of the Watch Face? Is the red dot stuck on the screen after a notification is triggered? Swipe-down for Notification Center to clear the notifications doesn’t work either? This is a common issue in watchOS 9!…

airpods found moving with you notification

AirPods Found Moving With You Notification Erroneous? (Fix!)

Are you getting the AirPods Found Moving With You notification on Lock Screen, for your own wireless earphones? You’re informed that ‘The owner of this item can see its location’ and are asked to tap to open Find My and see available locations?…

iOS 16 Notifications Display As List

iOS 16 Notifications Display As Count, Stack, List (How To)

In iOS 16 notifications have been also revamped to match the new Lock Screen. They show up at the bottom of the screen, to avoid interfering with the new widgets. Text and images are bolder and you can choose from three available layouts….

Mindfulness notification on Apple Watch

How To Turn Off Mindfulness Notifications On Apple Watch

Is your Apple Watch prompting you with Mindfulness notifications daily after updating to watchOS 8? They can become annoying especially if you’re not the kind of person that are into meditation….