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music playing automatically on carplay

How To Stop Music Automatically Playing On CarPlay (iOS 16)

Are you looking for a way to stop CarPlay from playing music automatically when iPhone connects to car wirelessly or via cable connection? You’re not alone! Here is what you can do about it!…

music widget stuck on Lock Screen

Apple Music Widget Stuck On Lock Screen In iOS 16? (Fixed!)

Is the Apple Music widget stuck on Lock Screen? The Now Playing controls glance won’t go away even though there’s no music playing anymore on iPhone or on other devices added to the Home app? This is a minor iOS 16 bug that can be easily fixed….

duplicate media controls bug

Duplicate Media Controls On Lock Screen – iOS 16 Beta (Fix?)

Is your iPhone displaying duplicate Media Controls on Lock Screen in iOS 16? Both music player widgets are responsive? Adjusting the volume in one box will automatically modify it in the duplicate too? It’s a common bug encountered during the beta testing stages….

Music controls not working in watchOS 8

Music Controls Not Working On Apple Watch (watchOS 8)

Are Music controls not working on Apple Watch? The Now Playing controls are greyed out, unresponsive or they don’t show up at all in watchOS 8? This happens when you want to tweak music playback on iPhone, AirPods, HomePod or any other connected Apple devices?…

Clinton vs Trump debate live on iPhone

How To Watch The U.S. Presidential Debate Live On iPhone And iPad

Although this might sound a little bit off topic one of the biggest events of this fall, in the United States, are the presidential elections. Watch the traditional debates between the democrat party candidate Hillary Clinton, and its republican counterpart, Donald Trump, live online using your iPhone and iPad. To be able to follow the…