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AirPods Pro Popup Text missing

AirPods Pro Optimized Charging Popup Text Missing? (Fixed!)

Is the AirPods Pro Optimized Battery Charging popup not displaying text properly? You’re not getting the Turn off until tomorrow option, but see CHARGE_NOW_ACTION_TITLE instead? This is a glitch that surfaced during the iOS 15.2 beta testing stage….

Apple Watch Optimized Battery Charging

How To Turn Off Optimized Battery Charging On Apple Watch

watchOS 7 brings Optimized Battery Charging on Apple Watch. This feature was first introduced for iPhones in iOS 13 and is meant to allow devices to adapt to your daily charging schedule and fully charge the battery only shortly before the operating system anticipates that you plan to unplug your device….

Optimized Battery Charging can't be disabled in iOS 14.2

iPhone Optimized Battery Charging Bug In iOS 14.2 (Always On)

The iPhone Optimized Battery Charging feature has been quite glitchy ever since iOS 14 was released to the general public. The initial versions came with a bug that prevented the feature from smart charging the iPhone although it was enabled. This was fixed with the release of iOS 14.1!…

airpods pro optimized battery charging on connection screen

How To Disable AirPods Optimized Battery Charging In iOS 14

An iOS 14 feature that was announced ever since the WWDC 2020 keynote, but did not make it in the public release of iOS 14 is the Optimized Battery Charging option for AirPods. The release is included in the iOS 14.2 change log, published, yesterday on our website after the roll out of the iOS…

iOS 14 Optimized Battery Charging bug

Optimized Battery Charging Not Working On iPhone? (iOS 14)

Is optimized batter charging not working on your iPhone after updating to iOS 14? You’re not the only one! We’ve recently received inquiries from at least three users that claim that the feature isn’t triggered anymore after they updated their devices to the latest iOS generation….